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Wedding Hair: To Updo, or not to Updo?

Through the years there has been an age old question that brides ask me when they come for their wedding hair rehearsal. Should I have an updo or a downstyle? This blogpost is to shed some light on the decision to updo or not to updo.

Somewhere through history it became a tradition for a bride to have their hair up on their wedding day. Perhaps it was in the times gone by when it was seen as unseemly to let your hair down in public, (or perhaps its because culturally brides seem to have updo more often than not). However the decision to say "I do" does not have to be coupled with a decision to "Updo".

There are many beautiful hairstyles out there for brides, and (although a lot of those beautiful styles are updo's), a lot of them are down do's, half ups, or three quarter updo's.

So what kind of hairstyle should you have? When a bride asks me this question I traditionally answer with a the question "do you normally prefer your hair up or down?". The truth is that for many brides it is daunting to have their hair off their face. We as females traditionally use our hair to hide behind when feeling awkward, overwhelmed or even scared. My earliest memories of watching horror films are of me with my hair lopped over my eyes peering through it as if my hair was some how protecting me from what I was seeing on the screen.

Wedding Hairstyle by Claire Gibson Hair & Makeup Artist

If someone does not want an updo then I usually encourage them to not have a full updo or to have their hair down.

Sometimes they want an updo but still want hair around their face ...and that is absolutely fine and easily done, sometimes they want just a bit of hair up with height...and that is fine too. Sometimes they want their hair fully up because they hate it around their face...and that is fine too. The main thing for me is that each one of my brides is assured of being comfortable in their own skin (and hair) on their wedding day. So if someone wants to have an updo (otherwise known as an upstyle), then I usually style the back of their hair first and dress the front in the way that they are most comfortable, so that they are assured they will be confident on their big day!!

You may say, what do I do if someone tries to persuade me that I need to have my hair one way or the other on my wedding day? This is very very common because most of the time there is a mother of the groom or mother of the bride that has a traditional idea of what a Bride should look like on her wedding day. My advice to my brides is to stand firm and do your day your way! There is no use in being made nervous, (on what is supposed to be a glorious and beautiful day), because you have caved in and done some things the way someone else wants. I have no problem asserting the brides wishes at a rehearsal or trial in the nicest possible way. It is no ones business what you wear or how you wear your hair on any given day of your life, so why should your wedding day be any different?

There are lots of beautiful hairstyles out there both with hair up and with hair down, so feel free to choose, and even try both of these options at your hair rehearsal appointment!

For any questions just give me a call on +447888669554 and if I am not available leave me a message.

Claire xx

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